How to Omit Stitches

Hi, I’m working on a slipper pattern where after binding off 7 stitches at the beginning and end of a row, leaving a number of stitches, I’m told to omit the first and last 7 stitches on the next rows. What is an omit stitch?

Can you give us a pattern link please.

Short row shaping? Yeah, the pattern would help.

Hi Jan,
You have my dog! Ours is Bambam and he is! The pattern is Cuffed Slippers Knitting Pattern by Barbara Breiter. Thanks so much!

Well, after you BO 7 sts at the beginning of 2 rows, you can’t start the pattern with stitches 1-7 because they’re not there. So you begin with stitch 8, then stop when you’re out of stitches, ignore the last 7 sts given.

Are you saying I bind off those next 7 sts? That makes sense, but “omit” really threw me. Thanks so much for your reply and lightening fast reply!

No, from what you posted, you have all your stitches, then you BO 7 on the next 2 rows. So those 14 sts, 7 at each end aren’t there anymore. You don’t keep binding them off, just pick up and work the pattern on the 8th st that’s written. It really would be easier to explain if you could write part of the pattern out, or link to it.

Omit just means to leave out the stitches in the pattern rows. You’ve already bound them off on the needles.
Row 2: k7, p1, k29, p1, k7
Row 3: k17, p1, k9, p1, k17
So, after the bind offs, when you repeat rows 2 and 3, they become
Row 2: p1, k29, p1, k7
Row 3: k10, p1, k9, p1, k17

She did link to it, Sue.:teehee:

The bound off area may be those flaps at the ankle…?

I’m going to make a pair of these myself!

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Sorry, I missed that post.

LOL :slight_smile: I’ve just cast on and worked the 1st 3 rows of this pattern. It was what I was looking for but not finding, I kept missing it somehow. Thanks to the OP for the link! :muah:

Thanks so much ladies…it all makes sense now!