How colour for every row


I am currently working on a baby blanket. The pattern call for a new yarn colour for every row. Will weaving in afterwards look messy? What is the best way to tidy up?


Do mean there are a billion colors and you use a new one for each row, or are you making stripes of two or three colors?

the pattern suggests using five different colours. Each row must start with a new colour…for 148 rows!


Yikes! Since the colors are alternating which side they start on, you could just try carrying the yarn up the sides. I’m not sure how good it would look, though. :thinking:

That’s an awful lot of ends to weave in. Here is an article that can help with that.

ok ingrid - thanks for the reply. i too think it will dodgy with a new colour evey row…think i will expand the stripes for 5-6 rows instead.

Any general tips on weaving in? or indeed joining a new yarn? and what about tying up loose ends with knots?


Amy has videos on joining yarn and if you look at her video for the beginning project, I believe she weaves in yarn there, too. Knotting is sometimes a necessary evil, but there are better ways.

great - thanks for your help!