How To Moebius Knit?

Could someone please send me a video demostration how to do a moebius cast on? I tried to read the pattern, but I don’t comprehend as well as watching it actually being done. Thank You.

Go to the invisible/provisional cast-on video on the Basic Techniquespage. Where she uses the red yarn, that will be the cord of the circular needle with the end left dangling. Start with a slip knot on the right hand needle and the needle coiled up once. Then pick up your yarn with the over/under movement until you have the correct number of stitches.


I tried and tried to find the DIY vidoe of Cat doing the mobius cast on
she even does it behind her back
its being re-aired on the 20something of next month which might be why you cannot view the video
but you can do a DIY +mobius cast on search for the trechnique
but the video is more helpful than the words


I saw that episode. I just read on one of the sites I found when doing a search that you have to buy her book to get instructions for the cast-on. That’s probably why you can’t find the video from KG.

I did find a clip of the cast on, though.

Someone from here posted a link to their vid clip of the cast on sequence from KG. I don’t know if it’s the same link. As I said, it’s pretty similar to the provisional cast on Amy shows.



Thank you for the invisible cast on for moebius knitting. The Moebius knitting episode is on Knitty Gritty on April 26 at 1 pm central time (whatever your time zone is)