How to market patterns?

Hey Everyone,
I am in the process of making a fun, funky, scarf and whipping up the pattern as I go. Once I am finished with it, how do you market your patterns?

Never done this before. So don’t know where to begin.
Or do u keep it FREE.

:knitting: Thanks

Market it how? Do you want to sell it or offer it for free? I put my two up on Ravelry and of course shared the FO here and they’ve been quite popular. Mine are free.

I’ve written up a couple of patterns and currently have two posted on Ravelry for free.
I’ve got another pattern in the works and a few in my mind. I am thinking about selling my patterns - but I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to go there just yet. I may just add it to Ravelry for free. It is easier than setting up a business, getting copyrights set up, taxes, etc… Maybe down the road when I’m not so busy.

Good luck - getting my patterns on the internet in a downloadable form was more involved than I orignally thought. I think I have it straightned out now and it was worth it.

[COLOR=“Green”]Haven’t decided yet, whether Free or to sell.
How would u go about selling it?
Has anyone ever sold patterns before?

I also put everything on Ravelry. I think they have 8,000

  • patterns so you can get a TON of exposer. I have 22 pats on there all free but you can change that.

If you sign up to join there’s only a 3 day wait for the invitation.

Thanks I will check it out.
I also did some searching on line and found a place called
Patternfish. I believe it Looks like u can sell or buy patterns there.
Has anyone ever heard of it before?