How to make V neckband with raglan sleeves

Hello everyone I am making mans jumper for the first time and
Cannot understandhow to do V Neckband and has a raglan sleeves
It says
Join raglan seams leaving the left back raglan open with RS facing using 4mm needles pick up and knit 16sts from 19 sts cast off at top of left sleeve, 50 sts evenly along left side of neck,knit sts left on a safety pin at the centre of V ,51 sts evenly along right side of neck ,16 sts from 19 sts cast off at top of right sleeveand 27sts from 31sts cast off at back of neck

Row 1 rib 3 sts at centre V insert needle purlwisethrought back of the 2nd st then 1st and slip both sts off needle tog,purl next st then pass2 slipped sts tog over purl st,rib to end

Pls can any help if I pick up and cast off thn I will have lots of loose ends
And can’t understand row 1 too

First join the raglan seams so that you have a sleeve-front-sleeve-back. Leave the one seam open so that you can knit the neckband flat. You’ll join that seam later. When you join the pieces of the sweater like this, the cast off edge at the top of the sleeve forms part of the neck. Now your directions are telling you begin at the top of the sleeve and pick up 16sts, 50sts along the left side, knit the held sts, 51sts along the right side, 16sts at the sleeve top and finally 31sts from the back. You’re connectin all the pieces on one needle with one continuous strand of yarn, no cast offs or extra ends to weave in except one at the beginning and one at the end.
At the center V you’re decreasing sts so the the V narrows with a nice flat shape rather than bulging out. Do that when you come to it and it’ll be clearer.

Thank u sooo much soo I leave the left back raglan open and wrong side of top egde sleeves facing me I pick up 16 sts thn go down the neck and than on the right neck thn again on top sleeve edge and than pick up back sts with a continuos thread and than I cast off the stitches and do row 1

That’s right except that you want to pick up with the [I]right [/I]side, the public side (the side that will face out when the sweater is worn) facing you. That way the seam along the neckbanc will be on the inside.

Thank u soooo much for the help ws so confused
Pls tell me when I’m right that I pick up stitches frm wrong side facing me
Y does pattern say RS facing
That still confuses

Pick up sts from the RS, just as the pattern says:
"Join raglan seams leaving the left back raglan open [I]with RS facing [/I]using 4mm needles pick up and knit…"
That way the seam that forms where you pick up the sts will be on the inside of the sweater and won’t show. Try it with the RS facing and see how it turns out.

I already tried attached the raglan sleeves fron and attached right side raglan back left back sleeves open and started to pick up 16 sts. By keeping the right side of neck facing me and I ws not able to pick stitches from the left top egde at all usually stitches are picked up right to left and here its left to right
Soooo dnt knw do u know any video which shows how to pick stitches by keeping RS facing

Right side as the knit side facing you, what will be worn on the outside of the sweater, not the right side.edge of the sweater as you wear it.

Here’s a video for picking up sts from the public or outer side of the knitted fabric. It does indeed show picking up the sts from the right and moving toward the left; that’s the way to do it.

Thank you soo much I got it now that when RS facing when u pick up sts and when u wear it goes to the left n inside thank you soo
Much just wondering how come I dint think of it
Thanks a million

Terrific! Good luck finishing and post a picture of the finished sweater if you’d like. It’d be great to see it.

Sure will be posting it once I complete
It thank u soo much