How to make this sweater with different yarn

I want to make this sweater…

but instead of the yarn it calls for which is Valley Yarns Shelburne
3sts= 1 incheon size 10 needle, I would like to make it with TLC cotton which is 4"=20 stitches on size 8 needle. Is this possible???


I would get a ball of the TLC cotton you want to use and do a swatch. Try different needle sizes and see if you can get one to equal the 3 sts = 1" that the sweater wants. If you can, you should be good to go.

You can use a size 10 with the TLC, but it may only get you 3 sts/inch. You can make a large size pattern with the smaller needles.

Ginny, TLC cotton plus is a medium/dk weight, so I’d try the #6s. Pretty sweater!

TLC Cotton Plus is a light worsted. I doubt you’d achieve 3st/in with it. (A large ndl will result in extremely loose fabric that’s very swimmy and probably appears lace-like.) I tend to be a loose knitter and when working with TLCCP have used a sz 5 ndl.

You can convert the orig gauge to your new gauge (and working numbers) with this free little program.


I meant to say the Cotton Plus would probably only get 4 sts/in, but I did mean that you could knit it on size 8-10s following a larger pattern size.

Wow! What a beautiful sweater!

My only worry about you switching from the wool yarn to cotton is that cotton is really heavy compared to wool- especially from what I can see about the suggested yarn. I agree with Mirl that you should swatch, but I would encourage you to do a big enough piece that you can see how the fabric will drape.

I have had the painful experience of “converting” a pattern to a new yarn and not being sensitive to the differences of the fibers making up the yarn and how dense the yarns were. While the dimensions were correct, it never hung the way I expected.

Good luck!

Being TLCCP is 1/2 acrylic I don’t think there’d be any weight issues, esp given the sweater is relatively small. But agree that you’d want to swatch (wash/dry) to see how you like the results and determine any adjustments you might need to make. TLCCP is very ‘easy care’ relatively speaking. I’ve made sweaters for myself as well as others with this yarn and it works up well, has great stitch definition, and a nice drape. The only ‘problem’ it presented, per se, was frogging pieces I’d done in TLCCP and re-using the yarn. It didn’t recycle well.