How to make this Cabled Newsboy Cap bigger?

I’d like to make the Cabled Newsboy Cap from S’nB Nation, but I have kinda a big head and most hats don’t fit me well. :oops:

It calls for needles size 8 for the ribbing and 10 1/2 for the rest of the hat (the ribbing is probably the part that won’t fit).

The yarn is Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes (not a good choice since it’s a merino/alpaca blend and this is for the summer).

So anyway, is the easiest way to increase the size to just increase the needle size? Or should I find a bit of a chunkier yarn?

Also, has anyone reading this tried replacing a merino/alpaca blend with a cotton blend for a hat? I’m not sure how well that would work since cotton doesn’t stretch much. Maybe I should go with (eesh) some acrylic. Any recommendations or thoughts?

TIA for any advice! I really need something to protect my big 'ol head this summer. :slight_smile:

As for the size, you can probably go with a bigger needle for the ribbing.

I’m sure cotton would be much better for summer wear, and if I were making the hat I’d probably go for it and take my chances; but I don’t want to say it will be fine and have it not work out well. I just don’t think wool is a very good summer hat.

I think acrylic might be hot, too. You might try a cotton acrylic blend for the stretch factor.

:smiley: I ditto Ing-A-Ling :wink:

Thanks for the tips! I will try to find a nice cotton blend to use. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out, if I actually ever have time to knit it that is!

Say Ingrid, do you think it would be totally crazy to knit this up in a ribbon yarn? I guess not with the cables, huh? Sounds like it would be so lightweight though.

What about cotton chenille… too hot?

I don’t have any experience with ribbon yarn to draw from, so my first thought is that it would be floppy, but I could be all wrong. I don’t think cables would look to good, either.

I also haven’t used any cotton chenille, either. I don’t think I’ve even seen anything knit with it.