How to make the quickest afghan?

I am wondering and asking for the help from people who have made afghans… it is quicker to do one pattern or to knit your afghan in " blocks" or squares and then seam them all up together??

I am having family~~ not so subtly telling me :pout: I need to make them an afgan by Christmas~~ To be honest~~ I just don’t have the patience to work on an afghan everyday til finished~!! :wall: :wall:

What do you guys think?? :pout:

[color=indigo]One advantage of using squares is that it seems to be going along faster. Perhaps cuz the squares are small and are quickly finished. Of course, you’d still need to work at it steadily, or else you’d wind up with the largest collection of potholders on the planet. :teehee:

Anyway you do it, it is a [size=6]big[/size] project. :hot: Can’t you convince them that what they really need is a sofa throw ? Far more useful around the house. :woohoo:



When daughter demanded… (she was pregnant… so got away w/ it) an afghan for Xmas… I made big squares… they were 12 " square. I just found a stitch I really liked, added the multiple till the correct size. I then sketched out a pattern… (5 blocks by 7 blocks). I could take the blocks w/ me where ever I went… no big deal. I did one in cable, the other two a really pretty stitch pattern. then, laid them out, and sewed together. One bit of advice, weave in the ends of each square when you finish it… It did go fast for me… and I didn’t get bored, cause I finished things fairly fast… ie… the different squares. She now has the monster on her bed… It ended up being the size of a king size comforter. Yeah… she’s spoiled.

I don’t like anything seamed because it sorta creates a ridge on the backside. You could make one double stranded with big needles and it’ll probably go pretty fast!

I’m working on a “Sampler Afghan” to use of a bunch of Cashmerino I have. It’s a great way to learn new patterns and it’s an easy take-a-long. I like it because the 20 squares are 12" and I’m making each one a different pattern so I don’t get bored! If I only do 2 squares per months it will easily be ready for the holidays.

I’m calling it one of my stash busting 2007 projects.

I used Lionbrand Homespun and made their “6 Hour Afghan” using 4 strands and size 50 needles. Granted, the needles were strange to use, but the blanket worked up beautifully and quickly. I liked picking out the 4 different colors to blend together.

Squares might be cool, but I’ve never done that…as repetetive as knitting an entire afghan can be, I think stitching all the little squares together would be worse (for me, anyway).

just got the yarn for the ‘suri dream’ throw at knitpicks - they also show a larger afghan.

I’ve hesitated to tackle afghans for precisely the same reason. (terror of the unending project + ADD = :hair: ) On my Amazon wishlist is the book

Big Needle Afghans

I checked it out at my library, and there are a LOT of really pretty patterns, using either big or doubled yarns, most of which are quite contemporary (I’m just not into the lacy granny square-looking thing, unless it’s actually crochet, but even then…). Lots of cables!! It’s pretty reasonable on Amazon too, haven’t checked ebay yet.

I’ve downloaded the errata f/somewhere, I’d google and get 'em if you get the book!