How to make spaces in between stitches

I am new to the forum and new to knitting, but VERY excited about both!:woot: I have crocheted since 6th grade so I have worked with yarn for a long time. Back to my reason for this post. I was doing some holiday shopping on the Urban Outfitters website and saw this scarf called Staring at Stars Celia Shredded Scarf. (I can’t post a link because this is my first post, but if you search for it on the UO website. Its a dot com it should come up as a purplish pink scarf. Sorry :frowning: )

I know its not crocheted, and I have been scouring the internet all morning, for what this stitch may be called. I have seen videos for the elongated stitch but that looks more up and down and not side to side between stitches. I apologize for my terminology (or lack thereof) Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

Is it this one?

There may be more than one way of doing this (probably is, as that’s usually the case), but this looks like something you could make using hairpin lace (which is crochet).

You may also be able to create this look by knitting, too, but I don’t know how to do it. I’m sure others will chime in!

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Gorgeous scarf! Antares is right, there usually is more than one way to do these things. It might be an elongated stitch on a scarf that is knit sideways from what I can see. It’s fun to do and looks very pretty when finished.

The other possiblity is that it’s a dropped stitch and ladder over several stitches. That makes sense of the direction of the Vs on the close up of the scarf.

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That appears to be just a simple drop stitch scarf. Most of them are done width wise rather than lengthwise, but it’s easy enough to change by just casting on what you need for length. You’ll need do do a larger wrap to get the length of the drops. Here’s the basic idea.

Do you knit at all? It would be good to practice the stitches first.

Thank you all for replying so quickly. @Antares I appreciate you posting the link for me. That is the scarf! I thought it could have been hairpin lace as well but that is one thing that I never got into.

@Salmonmac The second video seems to be what I was trying to explain in my Thread title. Thank you so much for the videos.

@Jan in Ca I have completed 1 project and have one WIP. This was my first project, and I LOVE it.

Excellent! You should do fine with the scarf then! :thumbsup: