How to make row-counter bracelets

Hi all:

Does anyone have instructions on how to make a row-counter bracelet? :?? I googled it and saw a picture of the one that Hildegard von Knittin made and posted last July 19, 2005. She said that she had detailed instructions on her blog and when I went to find it, I couldn’t. :wall: If anyone out there knows how to make them and how they work, could you please let me know? I’d really appreciate it! :hug:



Sorry don’t know where the braclet is located.
I use one like this and :heart: it.

you could send Hilde a pm and ask her directly, or even try the search function above using, say, row counter bracelet and see if it finds the post for ya! :slight_smile:

Thank you both. I will check out both these suggestions!


Hi! I’m so glad you liked my bracelets!!! It was in my OLD blog, which I moved to oblivian because some of my students became members of the site. I’ll try to dig them up for you.

Hmmmm I can’t find it. OR the pictures I posted :!!!:

Sue, could you post a link to where I said there was detailed instructions in my blog?

HMMMMMM… I can’t find where I saw it! :shrug: :?? Oh well… Thank you for looking for me!