How to make felted clogs non-slip?

I finished a pair of felted clogs (my first) and I really like them but they are far too slippery to wear. Does anyone have any idea what I can use on the bottom to slip proof them? Someone suggested fabric glue but I wondered if there was somethng already on the market designed for this purpose?? Thanks a bunch. :thinking:

I don’t know of anything designed for this purpose, but I took puffy paint to the bottom of my daughters socks to make them non slip. We did cute hearts & other designs. It worked very well, and gave her the traction she needed.

And, for $0.47 a bottle, you can’t beat the price!

margie found these neat 2-piece sets of attachable soles - here’s her post:

edit: it takes you to the top of that page. scroll down a bit to see her post with pic.

Thanks for the ideas. I like the puffy paint idea because it sounds so easy. The suede soles look great too but maybe more work and I am not sure where to find them.