How To Make Decrease In Faroese Shawl

I’m not asking for a copy of an actual pattern, but can someone tell me how the decreases in the shoulder area are worked? I understand the construction of these shawls except for how the shoulder shaping is done. I want to design my own pattern and this is my biggest hold up. I have read and studied all the books available to me and there is nothing I can find on line to help me, only patterns to purchase.

There are a few books that contain descriptions of Faroese shawl construction that you might be able to find through a library. Myrna Stahman wrote a couple, another is Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman (some older editions have an `and’ between traditional and knitted).

Cheryl Oberle has a great book on Folk Shawls and she does have a pattern and example in her book. I haven’t knitted this type of shawl, but they are beautiful.