How to make charts?

I have found these great chart makers. Now I’m just wondering how you block things? When you have rounded edges like say with a heart or dog how do you block it? Is there a more simple way to do this? I would like to knit a pic of a dog into one of my projects. Thanks.

Also, is there an easier way to get the photo onto the graph? Like a program that might already be on my computer. I have been looking and can’t find anything. I have a couple more to look at but I’m not really sure what to click on anyways. Hope someone can help me with this.


There’s the Knit Pro…You just upload a pic and it makes a chart for you.

Knitpro is a great start. Sometimes you have to shade in areas afterwards.

A few things I’ve done lately that have worked out really well is to print knitter’s graph paper and then copy it onto a transparency and put it over the picture, or print the picture right onto the graph paper. If you don’t have a color printer, or it won’t take transparencies, then I’m sure one of the copy places can do it.

This prints up nice paper according to your gauge.

Here are also a bunch of free charts–you can either use one of them or at least get an idea of how they’re worked to get curves and such.

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