**How to make charts?**

Does anyone make their own charts? And if so, how do you do it? I found a couple of things on the internet but they give me subtle shades and I’m not sure to omit them or how to incorporate them. I also don’t know how to enlarge it while keeping the ratio intact. Can anyone help? I’m trying to turn this :

…into an afghan for my father.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe there’s an online site that’ll convert an image to a graph/chart but haven’t used it. I’ve done freehand charting by printing out knitting graph paper (free online) to the proper gauge and then coloring in the squares accordingly. My project was smaller but you could do the design at a ratio (for example 1 sq=3 sts) perhaps.

Not sure that helped.


I’ve tried knit pro but it says my image isn’t indexed and I’ve followed the directions it gives to make it indexed and it doesn’t work. Then when I found a similar graphic to use, it gives it to me but it doesn’t let me specify a size/ratio or anything like that so I’m confused as to how I go about doing that…?

This came up last month. Here is the web site someone posted where you can hit the browse button to put in your graphic and select the knit graph and it will make your graph for you.

Try this

Thanks Kime, that was the knitpro site I had tried and used. My question is that when I use that, it gives me subtle shades instead of just black and gold, I get different shades of gold around the edges. Do you know how to compensate for that?

I’d say just make all the subtle shades of gold one color.

I made a chart using photoshop that still needs a little more tweaking. Hope it helps, it’s a jpg so you should be able to capture the photo and use it. At 5 stitches per inch the letter would be 3 - 4 inches across, but you could divide each stitch into 4 to make it larger. The grid looks funny until you get displayed large enough.

Here it is

When I’ve use Knitpro, I colored the resulting image in to compensate for the shades. For that logo, I’d just darken everything that’s not part of the actual gold part.

Or if you google knitter’s graph paper, you can print out paper of different gauges and draw your picture on it.

I really appreciate that Kime. So when you do a ratio, you would say one gold square could be equal to five knit stitches (just hypothetical)? I’m sorry for being such a pain. I’m just used to written out instructions…I’ve never used a chart before.

Thanks Ingrid. I guess I’m feeling overwhelmed with the whole chart thing…lol

Not Kime but when you calc the ratio you’ll have to know your knitted gauge and compare that to the printed graph paper. If you’re planning to work 150 stitches for the afghan, but the graph paper only gives you 30 squares, each square would be 5 sts (30x5=150). If need be, you could print out several sheets of graph paper…tape them tog to form larger area to chart… and that would allow you to work softer transitions in the arc of the logo. You’d be able to step the slope more gradually. Make sense?


It’s slowly sinking in, Cam :slight_smile: I guess I’m going to just have to bite the bullet and jump in with both feet to see how it works out. When using the knit pro for a different pic, it gives me 115 co with 49 rows which seemed kind of small or rather skinny for an afghan. Given ‘typical’ gauge, what would be a good size for an afghan, as far as co and rows with just simple k and p stitches?

I ask because I realized that depending on what size I have the picture, I am looking at one that’s bigger and has me doing 753 co with 293 rows…

Try using my pattern and make a swatch for 1 letter or part of a letter making each square in my chart be 4 stitches across and 4 rows up. At 5 stitches per inch that would be about 12 inches per letter, not including the spaces between letters, which may be larger than you want. I don’t know how large you want to go. What is your guage and how large do you want the letters?

So glad I checked in today:woot: I too have been desperately seeking a College Logo (Kennesaw State Owl), well went on to use the online charting…and got a great chart of the “owl” Here’s the dumb part: I print it to fit so is there a way to use it as it is? In other words it’s 48rows and 34 colums. Or how would I re-do the chart on graph paper to fit…Never have done charting yet…Thanks for your help Cheley

Glad I chimed in today, I too am new too charts. Been desperately seeking Kennesaw State Univ Owl, found it, had it charted (online) but it’s too big. It gave me 34 rows with 48 columns…I need to reduce it waaaay down. What should I do? I’m trying to make a headband for a guy…Thanks sooo Much Cheley

Simone, there’s really no standard as to no of sts, etc. It’s based on your gauge. If your yarn is DK the no of sts will result in a much smaller item than if bulky. Decide how wide you want the finished piece. For instance, if you want it 60" wide, and your gauge swatch is 6 sts/inch, you’d need to CO 360 sts (6x60). But if your gauge is bulkier…3 sts/inch…you’d only need 180 sts.

As for rows, is the logo the entire piece or just part of it? The logo is rather shallow, in terms of depth, so the finished piece will be long and narrow if you don’t add above and below it. Your finished piece should be a strong rectangle or square, and if for your dad, sized accordingly. Quite a few adult afghans are 72" but if meant to be a laprobe, of sorts, can be much smaller.


Not sure if this helps but here’s pic of chart I did for apple tote (hopefully not too hard to see) and then the finished tote. Scale was about 3/1. I was just using some misc graph paper I had on hand so had to make sqs smaller to accommodate my design. But perhaps gives you sense of how something on paper transfers to the real thing.

ETA: in this instance I was working cross-stitch on Tunisian but premise is essentially the same.


Kime, I’m not exactly sure what my gauge is. I’m not even sure what size needle to use sigh…lol

Cam, thanks for your example, it does help! That’s pretty much the design with black on the top and the bottom. I understand how to work the stitches now. I’m thinking I should try it but I would like it wider. I only have access to 4 ply med. worsted weight here.

You might try size 6 or 7 needles. How wide do you want the whole Ranger to be? I am guessing you will get 4-5 stitches to the inch. Why don’t you make a swatch with 30 stitches or so, single color, just to get an idea?