How to make baby surprise jacket?

hello everybody. I’m from Viet Nam. in my country knitting is not develop as your. But i love knit and i hope you help me. I like baby surprise jacket but i don’t know how to make it. may be hard for me. And i hope you help me. thanks thanks

Welcome Camtu!

(sorry, I don’t know how to make a baby surprise jacket…just wanted to welcome you) :muah:

You need to buy the pattern or book. IMO the pattern is a better choice because the new one has step by step instructions. There is also a video that is very good and comes with the basic pattern that is from the book. IMO the basic pattern is a little hard to decipher so I recommend the detailed pattern.

There are lots of resources online and help here when you get started. It’s not a hard pattern at all. Just takes some concentration to get the increases and decreases in properly. :thumbsup:

Detailed step by step pattern here:

Halfway down this page is the baby surprise DVD

You might be able to find an online yarn store that has the pattern. The one Jan linked to only send out by mail, they don’t have a pdf available. I think they only charge actual postage though, not lots especially to send overseas. However it may take some time to get to you.

I don’t believe there is a PDF file for it anywhere. Doesn’t hurt to look though.

School House Press does not offer downloadable patterns.

The BSJ is on my looong list of things I want to make, too.

YouTube has a 7 part video seriesof BSJ helps. You must still have the pattern. I’m sure these will be a great help when I do mine. I hope they will help you as well.

Have fun!

There’s also a wiki somewhere with a lot of tips and suggestions…

Found it -

There’s also one in Ravelry: