How to make armholes in a one piece vest?

I want to copy this one piece, rectangular vest but how do I knit the armholes? I figured I need to bind off for the armholes but how do I not have lines of yarn covering the armhole? This is such a mystery…please help.

Thank you!

What has most likely happened for this piece is that you start in the round and when you reach where the armholes are to be you start knittting glat for a little while adding decreases and increases to create the section between the armholes, These stitches would then be put on a stitch holder fo some sort. You then break the yarn and pick up the rest of the stitches and knit them flat, again adding shapping at th apropriate points. When it is the same length as the other flat piece you knit across the stitches on the stitch holder and rejoin into a circel and hey presto you have arm holes. You would then knit in the round for as long as you needed to finish the top.

It looks to me like a flat piece of knitting. You would knit to where you want the armholes to be and bind off stitches for the first armhole. Knit across to the second armhole, bind off your stitches for the second armhole and knit to the end.

Then work back to the armhole you just started – you will need to figure out some decrease and increase shaping to create the armhole shape. On the other side of the bound off stitches, join another ball of yarn and work with that ball to the beginning of the next armhole. When you get to the next armhole you will skip the bound off stitches again and join a 3rd ball of yarn to work across the front of the vest.

You will work back and forth with the 3 balls of yarn until your armholes are the size and shape you want and then you can work across with one ball again and finish the vest.

I would find a piece of graph paper and work out the increases and decreases you will need to make your armholes shaped the way you want.

The vest looks like it will be a large piece so I would use circular needles to carry all the stitches but it would be knit flat.

Thanks so much for all your help.