How to make a reversible drawing pattern in scarves?


This is my first post so I’ll make a brief introduction about myself: I’m Bruxa and I’m writing from Barcelona, Spain. I started to knit thanks to this wonderful website and also to some friends knitters and now I’m totally hooked on it! I’ve made hats, scarves, mobile phone cozies and even taken part in a socks exchange :slight_smile:

I’m writing because I have a question. I’d like to knit a scarf for my niece, all made in black with two skulls in white, each one on each of the scarf’s ends. I obviously need a reversible pattern, as the skull must look good on both sides of the scarf, without hanging ends and all. Do you have any ideas how I could do it? Which pattern, which technique…

I’ve thought about several options: knitting the scarf in the round (like this one from Knitty, so that the pattern’s wrong side remains hidden inside the tube), or maybe using the double knitting technique, but this would produce a reverse in color which I don’t want.

So if you have any ideas to help me, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!


Welcome! I would go with double knitting, as it will be on both sides of the scarf, as well as both ends. We’re here if you need any help!

Thanks ContiKnitter!

But wouldn’t double knitting produce a color reversed pattern? I mean, then the scarf would be black with white skulls on one side, and white with black skulls on the other. And what I want is a totally black scarf with shiny white skulls on both sides :slight_smile:

I thought this was going to be a cinch when I promised to knit this scarf… ouch! :doh:

It would, like if it was black with a white skull on one side, it would be white with a black skull on the other side. I don’t know about you, but I like the reverse patterning.

I don’t think there’s a way to knit it ‘normal’ without having a messy back. To have the same colors on each end, you’d have to do it in the round.

Yeah, you would have a bunch of ends to weave in, and it wouldn’t be a clear picture.

I don’t mind the color reversing thing, but my niece loves black and wants a black scarf… so if I knit a white one (even if it’s only on one side) she won’t like it, I guess :pout:

I think I’ll stick to the round scarf :slight_smile: That is, if there’s no more ideas.

Thanks for the help guys, this forum is great!

Yeah, that would be the best thing to do.

you could knit only the ends of the scarf in the round. The middle of the scarf wouldn’t be as thick, but it would take you a LOT less time…

or only double knit on the end. that way she would end up with a black scarf with a white skull on one side and a black scarf with a white square and black skull on the other side…


Yeah! I wanted to avoid knitting the scarf in the round precisely because it would take twice the time, so knitting round only at the ends is a very good option. Thanks SandraEllen :slight_smile: