How to make a oval shape headband

I am trying to create a oval shape headband.
It looks like a fishbone a knit & purl.
Having trouble with the increase & decrease.
I think I need to do short rows.
Does anyone understand what I am trying to do?

Are you designing it yourself??

There was a pattern in the most recent knitty issue called Calorimetry. It may be something like what you’re looking for.

Yes I am trying to design it myself. The rib stitches would face the other way. This pattern looks like what I want to make. I need to just get an
ideal on the shaping. Thanks for your Help

There is another pattern I have bookmarked that has the ribs going the other way from the one I showed you previously, you can find it here, but unfortunately the link isn’t working for me right now. Hopefully it is just a glitch and will work again later.

This is closer to what I want to make. The site is great.
I am starting to design several things. I crochet and able to make things
by just looking at them.
I am trying to advance more on my knitting.
Once again you have been very helpful. Have a great day!