How to make a mitre 2x2 rib pattern

I used to knit a lot 20 years ago but back then I had my Mum as an expert knitter to ask for help. I now have grandchildren and have come back to knitting.

I found an ‘elf hat’ that I wanted to knit for my grandson but the instructions were in Dutch (Breipatroon Elfenmuts). I got a translation and started knitting but it just isn’t working. The pattern is a 2x2 rib that changes directions.

You start with a standard 2x2 rib for 20 rows then you do the pattern so it looks like the rib turns 90 degrees in a mitre.

The Dutch translation says:
Row 1 - knit 6 then p2 k2 finishing with 2 purl then knit 6
Row 2 - knit the stitches as they occur
Row 3 - same as row 1
Row 4 - knit 8 then p2 k2 finishing with 2 purl then knit 8
Row 5 - knit the stitches as they occur
Row 2 - same as row 1…

… then repeating just increasing 2 knit stitches each 3 rows. Can anyone tell me what to do for the 2nd row to make this look like a sideways rib pattern?

I’d really appreciate some help as Googling hasn’t come up with any options except a Russian Etsy type site!


Can you give us a link to the pattern? Just the photo may be helpful.
Maybe this one?

Looking at the hat, your directions seem right. Maybe it would help to work a few more rows or to post a photo of what you have so far?

There are a few similar patterns on Ravelry. The diections may be similar but they will be in English.

Thank you for your help, the 2nd one is exactly like I am working on.

I tried out the pattern translation from the Dutch site and it seemed to work. Cast on the stitch number given or adjust in multiples of 4. I started the knitting with a k2 column. That let me knit 6 and begin the ribbing with p2.