How to make a knit strap for ipod sock

Can someone PLEASE help me or show me how to make a strap to wear around my neck for my ipod sock?

Thank you so much…

If you want a simple “flat” strap, just knit a long strip. CO however many stitches wide you want it and then just do a plain garter stitch (knit all stitches) until it is as long as you want. Other alternative would be to do an i-cord. I JUST completed my first one of these for a project and it is super easy. There is a video on this site that shows you how.

Best of luck and happy holidays!

i would go with an I-cord… then stitch it to the sides of the sock with a regular needle and thread.

another vote for i-cord. I think I did a 4 stitch cord for mine.

Where did you get the patterns for the sock?

a double i cord is nice too and stronger…

cast on 7 (or 8)
R1:knit 4 (5) slip last 3 stitches
turn work
Repeat R1.

this creates 2 i-cords either side of a column of garter stitch(es)
some of these patterns will be the right size.