How to make a chart?

I am interested in making a scarf with a flag of Slovenia knitted in it…
I have worked with the knitted graph paper I have downloaded from the net. What is the secret? How do you even start? Any websites for help? Can’t find any.

You can start here and try to download a picture and it will make a chart for you. In my experience, they’re not always clear, but it can give you a background to refine.

If you have a picture, you can put the graph paper over it and trace–hold it on a window for the light to come through. Or, if you can transfer the graph paper to a transparency, you can put that directly over the picture.

Or you can break out the colored pencils and try it freehand. :wink:

You are incredible! I tried the site you recommended! WOW!
Got the flag in 10 seconds! And I was struggling for hours yesterday!

So glad it worked well for you!!