How to make a chart for image?

I need to figure out how to take the North Carolina Hurricanes Hockey team swirl logo and convert that image into kniting pattern. Do I start with graph paper? hheelllppp

There is a site that will transfer a picture to a graph, but it doesn’t always turn out well in my experience.

I just made some charts, and what I did worked out beautifully.

I printed out some knitter’s graph paper, and then used that paper to copy the picture I wanted to knit onto the graph. This is a good site to get paper to your gauge.

I’ve also copied graph paper onto a transparency and put it right over the picture.

thanks- I tried knit pro but isn’t this assuming that the row height is the smae as the stitch width? right ?that is why it isn’t always accurate? Im gonna try and work up a sample to see if it will work before I get to invested in this. thanks again