how to make a baby pattern 0-3 to 9-12months

How make baby pattern bigger

I have been wondering how to do this too. I am working on a baby cardigan and it’s too big. I started with 44 stitches medium size and small in the pattern is 40 sts so I may be wrong but my thoughts are that if I go down in my co’s by multiples of 4 and the same with the other pieces I will come out with the size I need. I am CO 32 st’s and seeing if that will work.

Maybe you could do the same but increase by whatever multiples in your pattern calls for. Example: 0-3 months 33 st, 3-6 36st as you can see your CO 3 st more as you are going up in size.

Do you think this could work to obtain the size’s that we need?

@Tangles64 @christina1

There are hundreds of patterns and each one is different. Please post a link to the pattern when asking questions and we can help better.

This is the pattern I am working on

I am using a med 4 yarn as to make more like a coat for a 12 mth old

Any help would be appreciated

Hi I am working on kadie-jade pattern no 27 it’s 0-3 months and would like to knit it for 6-9months any answers

@christina1 I can’t find the pattern. Can you at least find a picture? What weight yarn does it suggest? Without any info all I can say is that using heavier weight yarn and larger needles will make it come out larger.

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@Tangles64 I’m not sure, but you could go down in yarn weight and needles which will automatically make it smaller. The designer has another pattern that she says is the updated version of the one you linked to. It looks almost the same, but comes in other sizes and you can use the same yarn.

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I will check it out. Thank you for your help😀

Hi thanks for your help no bigger needles wouldn’t work it is dk wool i’l just find a different pattern

If you don’t want to change to worsted weight and bigger needles getting a new pattern is the best thing to do. I rarely alter patterns because it’s so much easier to just find one that works.

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I just looked at that newer pattern. Under the brief outline worsted weight yarn is what the pattern calls for. But in a box on the right on how to order the yarn it list bulky weight yarn. To me that is very confusing. Did I read something incorrectly?
Yvonne Murray

You read it right and that could be confusing, but I figured it out. The plush yarn that is listed as bulky was the yarn used in the original pattern. It’s now discontinued so she used the other yarn for the updated pattern. Both were the same gauge though so it shouldn’t make any difference.