How to M1 on the purl side? I'm going Nuts

I may have asked this before,I know I asked at raverly,I did get a response,and I’m still dazed and confused,(and frustrated) I realize it’s difficult to take baby steps in explaination of somthing once a person has mastered it,but if there are any true teachers out there with a truck load of patience,I would so appreciate the baby steps to M1 increase,ON the purl side. Somehow all my efforts have failed. I think I have the M1on the k side down tho. Thanks in advance.:muah:

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but when I need to add a stitch on the purl side, I normally pick a "stitch up from the thread that runs between the two stitches. Like, if your stitches are like a ladder, and the current loops are the “up and down” parts of the ladder, you’d hook the part where you’d put your foot, place it on your left needle and purl it like any other stitch.

I think there’s a video of this on the site. I’ll go look for it.

Here’s how I do it:

Bring the yarn to the front.

Insert my needle into the little bar in between the stitches [I]as to purl.[/I]

Lift the bar up and place it on my left needle.

Purl the stitch [I]through the back loop.[/I] Purling through the back loop twists the stitch and prevents a little hole from appearing.

On the Increases page there’s videos for M1 on a purl row. You do it just like a M1 on the knit, except purl into it instead of knit.