How to live to be 100

On my version of the History channel, they show 5-minute vignettes of a person’s life or a short interview with a historically interesting person. Yesterday I was watching some short interviews with Italians who were all 100 years old or older.

One beautiful lady was 101. When asked how she achieved her great age, she replied, “I dedicated my life to crochet.”


Her work was unbelievably complex ( thread lace) and she was still doing it. :thumbsup:

I love to hear about stuff like that! Thanks for posting it.

I think that theory is true. When you’re dedicated to something to passionately, it not only keeps you going, but it really keeps your brain going. My grandma has Alzheimer’s and all of the research I have done says one thing that helps to prevent it is keeping your brain active by reading, doing crosswords AND knitting! Knitting (and crochet) keep your brain so active because you’re counting and thinking all the time. All of those things help to relax you too, which lowers your stress level (not when you drop a stitch or have to frog a whole sleeve though!) which also keeps you living longer. The key is not to just live a long time, but to keep your mind active too. My grandpa died of cancer last year, but he worked practically up until the day he died and that kept him going longer as well as kept his mind. My boss is 80 and seems about 60 because he works every single day. I think knitting is similar. When you’re dedicated and passionate about knitting (or anything) it helps you live longer. We’ll all live forever!

Oh yes! I truly believe if you have a love and continue doing it you will live beautifully to a ripe old age! My FIL is living proof of that. He’s 87 and just this past year decided he should stop riding his motorcycle up in the mountains alone because he doesn’t always have cell reception and if he were to fall and get hurt he could be there a long time. He’s avid gardener and went through his state Master Gardener program when he was in his 70’s. He also still does lots of photography and is pictures are just gorgeous! And he is on wife number three! (Divorced one and outlived the second.)

I always say that there is no way I will die young. I have way too many UFO’s in my closet to die. I’ve got to finishe them, right?