How to line Fetching (or somthing similar)

At a christmas market the other day my freinds and i saw same knitted mittens and gauntlets which had a fleece lining. We all agreed that this was a realy good ide, just for an extra bit of warmth, aprticualrly if your hands are likely to get damp.
I want to make some hand warmers (probably the Fetchig pattern, although i may extend the hand portion a little) for my freinds as a late christmas present, and would love to add a lining, but im not sure of the best way to firmly attach a fleece lining, would i have to alter the pattern at all, and would i need to sew it in any particuar way?

:happydance:That would make them a lot warmer …I googled around but only found thisfor a hat…she says she uses the same method to line mittens though…so it might give you some ideas…:thumbsup: