How to line a knit purse

Hi All,

I’ve just finished knitting (in the round) a darling pumpkin-shaped purse. I’m ready to do the lining, but the instructions I have say, “fold lining in half, lay purse on lining, cut lining 2” larger than purse". Now, I’m thinking there has to be another step or two after that! I’m not a sewing person (I do have a sewing maching) so I’ve got no clue how to put the lining into the purse. I plan to create a braided handle so I believe I’ll need to attach that before I line the purse. Anyone have ideas or can direct me to where I can get the information?


this or this might help you.

Try here
or here

Oh you guys are GREAT! Thankyou so much.


I agree, you guys are great, I was just thinking over this process too, and wondering how to line a bag.