How to leave a larger hole in a work for an arm hole?

I’m trying to knit a sweater for my dog, and I’ve found a pattern that I think will work, but I’m having some difficulties. All the patterns I’ve found have been for smaller dogs, but my dog is about 80 pounds, so I’ll need to size them up. The pattern I’ve found seems like it will increase pretty easily, I’m just concerned about the arm holes. The author suggests a one row button hole approach, but since my dog’s paws are so big, I would have to leave a very wide hole and it would be difficult to get his paws in and out of the sweater. Is there a way that I can leave a hole that is larger but also is a hole for a few rows so that the hole will be open and it will be easier to get on and off my pup. A link to the pattern is below, thanks for any suggestions! I’m also open to suggestions of other dog sweater patterns for larger dogs, I’m not very advanced though.

Thanks again!!

You can easily expand the armhole at this point in the pattern where the original armholes are described:
“k3, bind off 6 sts, k to 10 sts from end, bind off 6 sts, k3

  • p3, cast on 6 sts, p to bind off sts, cast on 6 sts, p3”
    You can bind off more than 6 sts if you think necessary and instead of casting on the same number of sts in the very next row, knit as many rows as you think necessary and then cast on over the openings. In order to do that, you’re going to have to purl to the cast off sts, start on the middle sts with a new end of yarn and then purl the last sts with a third end of yarn. This is a common way of doing a dog sweater.
    You might just try a swatch first with some rows of knitting, a 6 st cast off and the cast on in the next row as directed in the pattern just to see how large that opening is and to get an idea of how big the armhole should be for your dog.

Yes you should be able to bind off and cast on sts at the point where the original pattern is. If your dog is that much larger you need more stitches overall anyway.

In the pattern, at the end, the author says “sew up side seam,” but it looks tome like the seam goes directly down the middle of the dog’s belly. Am I wrong?

I can’t tell from the picture because we can’t see his other side. If the seam is between the leg holes then it’s down the center though. :teehee:

I agree, the seam goes down the middle. It might be better not to sew the seam the entire way down however. You could leave it open at the hindquarters depending on how it fits your dog.

Great idea! Thank you for your help everyone! Once I’m done I’ll post a picture of it in my puppy :slight_smile: