How to knot the ends when sewing seams

I’m a teach yourself knitter and have nobody to as for help so you guys are it! I’m making a babys sweater, booties and bonnet. I’ve gone as far as I can and it is time to start sewing but I’m confused here. I surely do not want my seams coming apart down the road and am unsure how to anchor the starting of my seams. Most things end with a square knot and you just weave the ends in but what about your starting and ending of seams. Help please??

when I do seam
I start the first stitch then pull the tail in with the stitches to weave the ends in
then when i get to the other end i back stitch to weave that end back in too
thats all

its easy for me, hope it is easy for you too


Thanks ECB! I’ll step fretting then about my seams coming undone and get on with it!

Thanks! --Mandy