How to knit

I was looking at a video on the internet that demonstrated basic knitting. I only started knitting a short while ago, but was initially taught by a friend over 25 years ago. On this video it showed the throw method, which is the way I knit, however, it demonstrated placing the right tip of the needle in front bottom of the stitch on the left and wrapping the yarn around and pulling it through from the bottom. My freight taught me to insert the right hand needle into the back of the left hand stitch, wrap the yard around and pull it through. Have I been knitting totally wrong or is this just a different way of knitting? :frowning: :??

It sounds as if what you’re doing is knitting into the back loop, which is used in some patterns.

I suggest that you go to the Basic Techniques section on this website and look at the videos for English Style knitting. They show the “correct” techniques. But if you’re getting a finished project, I don’t think you should consider it “wrong”. If you want to improve your skills, imitate what you see in the videos, come back to this forum and ask us all the questions you want, and practice, practice, practice.

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Welcome Oldknitter,

Sounds like you might be doing the Combined knitting (and purling) methods. Check out the videos in the knit and purl sections. :wink:

Thank you both so much. You are correct, I combine knit! The sight you recommended said it was perfectly allright to knit this way. She actually said whatever technique you are comfortable with, and if it looks good, go with it! I am in the middle of a scarf for my grandson right now, so I will finish with the combined method, however, I will try the front to back method on my next project.
In addition, I am so happy I found this sight. You are all so incredibly helpful and fast to respond.
Thanks again. :cheering:

WELCOME, Oldknitter!! :waving: Your username makes me feel a little GUILTY… I feel like Im insulting you! :shifty:

Hi there OldKnitter—ya know, Kelly’s right…I feel as though I’m giving you an insult instead of a welcome!! Nonetheless–I would like to welcome you too. You’ll love it here so much, and when you have questions, someone will answer, or direct you towards someone who can! . I am pretty darned old myself- (56 this November 3rd in fact)–and I feel about 94 right now!!-especially when I see the young faces around here with their beautiful families. You should have a look when you have the time–knitters make the most beautiful children, we’ve discovered!!

Hope you’ll be around a lot—this place will really make you feel YOUNG! :happydance: