How to Knit to the Age of 107yrs +

I live in Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland and just picked up my local paper sweetly called the “Squeak” here. On page 3 is a lovely knitters story I just wanted to share to give every knitter here a wee glow.

Queen Vicotria was on the throne when Cuminestown’s oldest citizen was born & Elizabeth Cockburn is also one of the oldest people in the country celebrating her 107th birthday last week.
Here’s her story:
Until 1999 (age 99yrs) she looked after 5 cattle on her 56 acre farm with only propane gas for power. Her husband died in 1950. She considered installing electricity during the 1950’s but decided the house wasn’t worth it and rather than spend her evenings in front of the TV, she carried on reading the papers and [I][B]KNITTING[/B][/I]!
She also had no running water or telephone and had a 10 minute walk to catch the bus.
She moved to a local village in 2001 (age 101yrs) and acquired her 1st TV, but in “typical fashion” (you have to live in Aberdeenshire to really appreciate how typical this really is!) she complained that it was too small and not in colour, despite never having owned a set of any description for 101 years!
Good genes? Her sister was the oldest person in Britain to have a hip replacement in 1997 at the tender age of 99yrs.
Although becoming frailer, she continues to live on her own in a community complex. According to her grandson, she is still able to get about and knows what’s going on …and…she continues to [I][B]KNIT.
[/B][/I]I just loved this story and I can tell you for sure, I am continuing to drink the water here and knitting like the wind. :knitting:

Great story, thanks for sharing it.

Sounds about right! :wink: I missed this in the news - too busy reading about Trump and his taking over of our parliament, but oh well :wink: I’m hoping to be knitting at 107, need something to do on the driech days like today …

Fi xx

Aww, that is a sweet story! I miss Scotland, I want to go back… anyone want a house guest? :wink:

What a great story! Gives us all hope and something to look forward too. They ought to bottle that water, they’d make a fortune…

That’s great! I knew that knitting was a healthy habit, um, passtime.

I want those family genes! Although I must admit that my grandmother is 87 and in very good health for a woman who has battled cancer three times (she’s 12 years clear) and my mother is 62 and doesn’t look a day over 50 and is also quite healthy. My grandmother crochets and my mom knits, so I’m not stopping now! :slight_smile:

I enjoyed reading that. I wonder how many stitches she’s knitted in her lifetime. Neat story.


Great story, thanks!

I just got my latest knitting magazine today Simply Knitting (sorry guys this is a UK publication) and there’s an interview with the Stitch N Bitch designer Debbie Stoller. The interviewer asked her how she’d like to be remembered. Her answer? “I don’t plan to ever die so it’s really not an issue. I’ll just carry on as I’m doing now…knitting away forever!” Ok Debbie, it’s going to take me forever to get thru my own stash of yarn and patterns so I might sign up for that too! :woot:

I love that story! My grandmother lived to be 96 and knit all her life. She started me on knitting when I was young so maybe that means I’ll live to be a ripe old age too.

I’m going to have to knit until at least that age to use all my yarn before I pass. :think:

That’s a great story! Maybe I should get some cows . . .


well they say having a hobby can increase lifespan because its de-stessing. and cows, everybody knows about cows …

MY MIL will be 96 in January. She lives with us and she still knits, crochets and sews. You would never know that she was 96 if you met her. She keeps busy every day. I think that is her secret… oh and the glass of wine she has every night!

Thank you for the great story. I really enjoied it! I hope I live to be that old and happy :smiley:

Sanibelle, send me your grandmother at once! …and tell her to bring a bottle of red with her. :slight_smile: