How to knit this texture?

I took a class last month in knitting from silk cocoons, with Stephanie P. McPhee (so much fun!)…

she provided a pattern for a baby hat. But my question here is about the blanket in background of this pattern. How do I get this much texture in a blanket? Big needles, soft yarn…but what pattern?

I am just in love with this loopy, soft knitted texture…can picture it in a baby blanket or even an adult lap blanket, but cannot figure out what kind of pattern it is…ANYONE?

after some searching, I think I might try Honeycomb stitch.

It could be just a simple stitch knit on larger needles - garter or stockinette. Part of it could be an eyelet stitch, there’s a ribbon threaded through it.

The yarn looks like a thick-and-thin type so it may be what adds to the texture.

Thanks Ingrid, Suzeeq.

Oops, maybe I didn’t make myself clear…I am asking about the texture in the white blanket [B][I]behind[/I][/B] the baby hat.

I found an interesting pattern to test, it’s this:

k1, *yfwd, k2tog. repeat from * to last stitch, k1. Repeat this row.

Would this pattern make a nice, loopy, soft blanket? going to try it today.

That pattern will make a nice, openwork pattern. Play around with the yarn and needle size until you get the fabric you want. It’s done over an odd number of sts.

Yes I was looking at the white blanket. It could be the yarn is thick and thin which makes the texture. But you could do the yo k2tog eyelets and see what you get. I was wrong about the ribbon being threaded in the blanket, it was a line of bubbly looking texture I was looking at.

thanks for that explanation suzeeq. You threw me off by mentioning the ribbon, but I too can see where you thought the white patterned fabric might have ribbon threaded through it. It’s not a great example photo I presented here.

I appreciate your explanation, thank you!

and I agree, the yarn looks thick-and-thin, which I don’t have unfortunately cuz I like that look…will make the best of what I have.