How to Knit This Pattern

Hello there, I am new to this forum and I am here to ask a question about a pattern for a beanie.

My girlfriend wants to knit this for herself (but she’s too shy to ask herself) so, she wonders how to knit the green pattern and the eyeballs.

She’s very new to knitting (She only made a scarf for me, which was awesome) so, she needs to know what type of wool, what kind of needle to use and how to give the shape, etc.

I’ll be glad if you can help, and thanks in advance.

The image is on the post below (The forum won’t let me add an image link on my first post)

I think that’s crocheted. I don’t see any patterns for one like that I either crochet or knit though. There are some on Ravelry that have eyeballs though so maybe you can alter one.

Also.miss think this would be difficult for a first project.