How to knit the M3 ( make 3 stitches ) in a pattern

Knitting a 3 cable button neck warmer. Pattern calls for the following:
Abbreviations in pattern says: M3= make 3 stitches.


How do I interpret the M3? How do I do this?

Any advice is appreciated.

I think if you knit front, back front in the same stitch, that would work here.

Just wondering if this is possibly a make 3 stitches over the place in the previous row where you bound off 3 sts for the buttonhole? In that case maybe cast on 3 with a backward loop or even better, a knit cast on.
Can you post a link to the pattern?

Hmmm that could be but usually they’d say to CO 3 rather than increase 3. It’s possible the pattern does say how to do this somewhere though.