How to knit the left side S1K1YO, pass slipped over 3

I am working a nice pattern with some lacy holes. It calls for:
slip 1, knit 1, YO, K1, then pass the slipped stitch over the 3.

When I get to the left side, am I supposed to knit those three bundled stitches as 1, or the three stitches independently? I have worked them so far as three independent stitches, but it doesn’t seem to create much effect. The pattern says that all YO should be purled on left side, but does nto give an indication how to handle these three together . Any ideas?

Thank you for any hints!:

The three sts that are bundled should be worked independently, probably purled, unless the pattern says otherwise. It’s a subtle pattern depending on the weight yarn you’re using and the size needles (it will look more like lace the finer the yarn or the larger the needles). The stitch looks more like a little cable. What is the pattern or can you post a link to it?

They should be purled as separate sts. You might be using too small a needle for the yarn for them to show much, or it may take a few row for them to stand out. Don’t purl the yo so it closes up - you should be wrapping it the same as you do for a knit stitch.

Thank you! This is a german language pattern which I found online:

The Ecologico wool is very nice - I’m using the 6mm needle.

Thank you for this input. I have, in fact, been pruling them seperately - using a 6mm needle. So I guess I’ll keep going and just see what happens. I have posted the pattern FYI.

Ah, thanks for the pattern link. I’d say even working on the 6mm needles, it’s not going to be a very lacy pattern. It’s very good looking though and in lovely yarn. Good to know that it’s nice to work with. I think the pattern will be more apparent as you knit further.