How to knit skeins?

I just got some of these today
I’m used to yarn wound a different way when I get it home and I’m not sure how to proceed with it. Do I untwist it and wind it into a ball or can I use it as it is? :??

its much easier to untwist it and wind it into a ball. There is a video on here that show how to make a center pull skein!

Yep, you untwist it, put the hank around the back of a chair, someone’s arms, or your knees, and make a ball with it. :slight_smile:

do NOT attempt to wind that into a ball without following the above instruction about putting it on the back of a chair or whatever. there are many many many people here who will tell you the stories of their knots that they had to undo when they didn’t follow that advice. :shock:

That’s what I was afraid of. Knitting is a labour of love but I don’t want it to be hard labour. :lol: Back of a chair it is then. Thanks guys. :smiley:

I personally like sitting in a chair and putting the skein around my knees, then wind it that way…can kind of swing my legs & keep it moving, once you’ve done it afew times, piece of cake…the thing that bothers me the most is the ‘ties’ they put around them here & there…it makes sense, but a struggle to get undone sometimes…

Ohhhh, and I love the yarn, beautiful color…

Rhy :XX:

There’s always the swift and ball winder option, too!

yeah, I know all about the knots :rollseyes:

Ohhhhh, i dream of one of those winders…sweet!

Rhy :cheering:

i love my ball winder and swift! when i didn’t have one though i just wrapped the yarn around the screen of my laptop and hung out with the good people here while i wound up my yarn! :wink:

what lovely looking yarn! That winder looks scary lol

That one is just an image I found on Google, but my swift and winder are the same ones. I love them!!

Ummm, how much was it…bet i could get one on Ebay…lol

Rhy :thinking:

you can get them on ebay. but i got my swift from with a 50% off coupon (which you can find them on ) and got my winder at LYS because it was only $2 more than it would have been anyplace else (with coupon or on ebay) and i would have it right away! :slight_smile:

Looks like great price!
Ingrid, I like your workshop !

:verysad: Alas, it is not mine. I just found an image on Google to show the swift and winder. My “workshop” is the corner of the couch, with the swift hooked up to the dining room table when needed. My yarn is stored here and there. I need a room of my own. :wink:

Ingrid: I know what you mean, I would like to have my own “knitting room” too :XX:

Allow me to demonstrate what happens to uber expensive Louet sales Euroflax linen yarn when the proper ball winding techniques are not used!

Beware of the huge tangled mess! Get ye a swift or at least something that will hold it pretty tightly!