How to knit runs in a fabric

I’m trying to figure out how to knit runs in a sweater so that it has the appearance of looking distressed. I’m not trying to distress and already made sweater. I’d like to be able to repeat the technique in this image to create my own garment. Thank you!

Those are created by dropping stitches. That particular sweater looks like they did some kind of cabling, then dropped all the stitches in between the cables.

I’d recommend looking at a few patterns that involve dropping stitches to get more familiar with the technique.

I totally agree that those a drop stitches. Another method produces runs/ladders all the way down or to an increase stitch if you plan for it not to go all the way to the beginning.

You might also try using yarn overs. In this case double or even triple yarn overs in order to make the spaces between the stitches wider or narrower. Yarn overs are also a good way to stop a run in case you want them to begin at a given place and not run down all the way to the cast on.