How to knit garter stitch in the round?

I’m knitting the Time In A Bottle pullover from [I]Knitter’s Magazine[/I], Fall 2004 (p.80). It’s knit flat, but I decided to do the sleeves in the round. I don’t know how to knit the Garter Ridge pattern in the round. I was merrily following the instructions (Knit, rows 1-5), which when flat, produces garter stitch. I was almost 5 rows along when I realized that, naturally, it’s coming out as stockinette. How do I get garter stitch in the round? The garter ridge pattern is several rows of garter stitch, interspersed by an odd row of purl. Looks great when knit flat, btw!

Hiya magic,
To get garter in the round just knit one round and purl one round. Make sure you have a marker at the beginning of the round.:knitting:

Hey, thanks, that makes sense. For the purl rows that come in between the garter, do I just do those as purl?

Hey, thanks, that makes sense. For the purl rows that come in between the garter, do I just do those as purl?
Huh? Not sure what you’re asking… to get garter st when knitting flat, you knit all rows; knit one row, purl one row when knitting in the round.

This is a garter ridge pattern. When knit flat, it’s several rows of garter, then one purl row, garter again, and another purl row. So my question is, now that I understand how to make the garter stitch part, how to get the single purl rows that come in between the garter?

are the bumps or the v’s supposed to be on the right side?
If it’s the v’s then just knit that row. If it’s the bumps, purl that row.
Do whatever is supposed to be showing on the right side of the garment.
Hope that helps ya hun.:thumbsup:

I’m still not understanding or maybe you’re using the wrong terminology - just because you knit every round when working in the round it isn’t called garter, just knit sts. It’s how the pattern looks from the right side that you call it garter or stockinette, not how you do it.

Most garter ridge patterns have 3 rows of stockinette sts then a purl ridge. Knitting flat, you would knit a row, purl a row, knit 2 rows, and repeat. Knitting in the round you knit 3 rounds, purl one round and repeat.

I think I can figure it out now. Thanks for your help. I’ve already knit the front and back (flat), so I can just check that I’m getting the same pattern.

Sorry if I’m being confusing, but I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. I’m calling it garter because that is what it is when knit flat, i.e. knit every row. I’m trying to convert it to knitting in the round. Fibrenut has helped me get that I need to alternate knit and purl rows to get the garter stitch part, so now I’ve done that part and it looks like the front and back that I’ve already knit flat. Now I’m getting stuck with how to do the purl rows that come in between the garter parts, and this is the part I haven’t explained very well, because there are knit rows in there too. The pattern goes (when knit flat), 5 rows of knit, change to smaller needles, purl one row, knit one row, repeat these 2 rows. Change to larger needles, knit 4 rows, change to smaller needles, purl one row. How do I replicate this in the round?

OOOO ok, I get it now, there’s a stripe of stockinette between the garter stitch stripes. Just purl those 4 rows then go back into your garter stitch.

This is what I’m not understanding… if you purl the rows between the garter st, you won’t get stockinette st on the right side. It’ll be rev stockinette.

Yeah, what suz, said. :knitting: Stockinette, reverse stockinette… in the round is all the same concept. Whatever you want to show on the right side is what you work.:aww:

Yay. Thanks for taking the time with this one. All going smoothly now. It’s a lovely knit.

For future reference, when converting knitting flat to knitting in the round:

Every WRONG side row will need to be reversed. If in your instructions for flat knitting a wrong side row is to be knitted, when converting it to the round you will purl instead of knit. And vice versa, a wrong side row that calls for purl will be knitted. With stockinette or garter this is easy because whole rows are made up of only one stitch type (knits or purls), it gets a bit more complicated if you’re converting ribs or lace or cables or whatever, but even that’s do-able.

Sounds like you’re on the right track now though, I’d be interested in seeing what it looks like.

Hello! Sorry, this is an old thread but had a question about garter stitch in the round: is there a seam between the end of an old row and the start of a new one? I’m worried there’ll be a little seam where a knit stitch is next to a purl stitch.

Here’s a method to avoid the jog when knitting garter st in the round. I’ve never tried this but it sounds intriguing.

Thank you! That’s extremely helpful! It looks like there’s a teeny little line but it isn’t too noticeable, unless you know exactly where to look and what to look for. Knitting is just magic. It’s the best.