How to knit faster

i’ve been knitting for about a year now, and im jus wondring if anyone has tips on how to knit faster…any help would be appreciated

I used to knit English, but it felt slow, so I used Amy’s videos to learn Continental. My speed has improved a lot!

ditto. But if you’re already doing that, either just time and practice, or bigger needles/thicker yarn!

A smoother needle might be a good idea, also. I’ve heard that wood, bamboo and plastic are “grabby”. I only knit with metal, so I don’t have that problem.

thanx for the advice although i don’t really know if im into learning the continental way

Here’s a trick which really helped me when I was learning to type (yes, on a typewriter, not a computer…) Try knitting to a rhythm. If you have a metronome, great, but look through your music collection for something with a tempo that suits how you knit now. Practice knitting in time to the music. Then, when you’re comfortable with knitting to the music, find a piece slightly faster. And so on.

It’s also a nice way to while away your knitting time with something besides the t.v. :slight_smile: .

You might want to, if you haven’t already, try metal needles. They’re really slick, which can be a problem with some knitters especially if you have a tendency for knitting loose, but they really do help me to knit faster.