How to knit critters?

I’m new to knitting…I want to knit toys for my new grandson. I need a book to get started with that will teach me what I need to know so I can follow these patterns from etsy

Can someone refer a how-to-book?

oops…since this is my first post the site won’t allow the link. I will follow up with one now. Sorry!

Thank you!

ok…here is the thread for the pattern I want to learn.

What exactly are you asking? Are you a new knitter? These are crochet patterns not knit. Is that what you want to do or do you want to knit? What type of pattern are you looking for? There are tons of toy patterns.

Oh…you can see how new I am to this!Her auctions on etsy said they were knitted and crocheted…I’m too novice to be able to tell by looking at them which are the knitted ones-I definitely want to knit.
What I need is a starting point to learn how to knit stuffed animals…fun ones like on the etsy link. I also want to knit teenie tiny hats, scarves, dresses for my 7" needle sculpted dolls.
So I need a good book for it. I just want to get the right one(s) so I get a good beginning education.So I’d probably need more than one book…one to learn (I like lotsa pictures)knitting and one to knit animals & one for tiny doll clothing.
Thank you for answering!

Okay, so knitting. :wink: I don’t know of any books, but a good place to start is the library and Amazon. With Amazon you can search many and often see inside them to see what is in the book as well as how they are written. Personally, I think I’ve only done one or two patterns from books. I prefer to look things up on Ravelry then just buy or download the pattern I want.

Since you are a beginner I suggest first practicing knitting and purling. Very small items like you mentioned and stuffed animals with tiny arms, etc will probably require you to use double pointed needles (DPN) so you need to comfortable with the basics first. Just use some plain worsted weight (#4) yarn and start knitting.

Check the knitting videos at the top of this page and here’s a link I like for learning. These have both video and still images which I find easier. And do yourself a favor…learn long tail cast on or knitted cast on first. Don’t use loop or backward loop. It’s a pain in the…
I’ll be back with more info…

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jan! I will do all this and get back with you!

Hi as Jan said learn how to knit and purl stitches and if you are going to do toys you will also need to know how to increase and decrease stitches and keep count of what row you are on (I use excercise books the pages don’t fall out)

Most kids love friendly dinosaurs (don’t let him watch Jurassic park lol) so I googled this

Just copy and paste that web address from https://

These patterns look small but you can increase the toy to approximately 4 times the size by doubling the size of the needles and using 2 strands of yarn like I did for all the dinosaurs I have done. My niece still rides her’s and she is now 8.

This one has safety eyes (plastic) but it is mine, for kids I sew eyes with yarn, they cannot swallow that accidentally. When you stuff it needs to be firm but not bulging out through the holes in between the stitches

Love the dinosaur, lacemonitor. An good to see the use of the seat belt, too.

Thanks salmonmac