How to knit bootees

I am just a new comer to the world of knitting. I have just completed a pair of mittens and a bonnet. Now I was trying to knit a pair of bootees for my little angel, but i am not able to proceed from the instep onwards. I am attaching the following instructions which i am not able to decipher.

after casting 39 sts, the pattern commences for 4 rows. then,
1st row- s1, K8, (k2 tog, K8) 3 times. (36 sts)
2nd row - S1,*p1,yrn,p2tog, rep from * to last 2 sts, p1, yon, k1(37sts)
3rd row - S1,(p1,k1) 11 times, k1, turn
4th row- S1,(k1,p1) 4 times, k2, turn
working on these 11 sts only work 16 rows in moss st to form instep. Break off yarn
WIth right side facing, rejoin yarn to instep end of first 13 sts which were left, pick up and knit 14sts evenly along right side of instep, work across 11 sts as follows: (p1,k1)5 times, p1, pick up and knit 14 sts evenly along left side of instep, work across remaining 13 sts as follows:(k1,p1) 6 times , k1(65 sts). work 11 rows in moss st.

Firstly,I am not able to follow the 3rd and 4th row were it says turn.
Does it mean to the right side or wrong side?
Secondly, working on 11sts…
Thridly, the para on picking up stitches and rejoining the yarn to the 13sts… I am not clear on these set of instructions

Can some one help me… many many thanks

The part where you’re only working 11 stitches is the top of the foot. Up to this point, you’ve worked the cuff. Then you’ll work back and forth across the 11 stitches (yes, turn as if you finished the row).

After you knit this little ‘flap’, you pick up stitches up along the right edge, across the top where there are live stitches, and down the left side.

thanks ingrid, I will try it out

I have picked stitches on the right side and knitted the next 13 stitches and now I have to pick stitches on the left side. But I am not able to do that. I am stuck… is there soemthing wrong here?

All the stitches will eventually be on the one needle, but it can be awkward picking them up down the other side.

If it’s too hard to manipulate, you can use a 3rd needle to pick up the stitch and then slip it onto the main needle tip, or you can use a 3rd needle to pick up these stitches, leave them on, and then knit the remaining ones. You’ll have your stitches on 2 needles facing the same way, but you can knit them across onto the one.