How to knit bits together

Right, at last, I’ve got all the lace bits knitted for this baby jacket!!

I just wanted to check on the best way to join these pieces together, I have a left front, 2 sleeves, a back and a right front.

The instructions say to knit across the wrong side of these bits (in order) to join them, and then knit the shoulders/yoke.

On each of these items I’ve left a long piece of yarn but I’m not sure how to join these together, and secure the hanging threads.

Any help please?! I have checked the video section, and I can’t see anything - but I may be having a moment of video blindness!

Thank you…


Joining will happen when you knit the stitches of the L front, sleeve, back, sleeve, R front all on the same needle. Ignore the yarn tails for now; when you’re finished you may need them to sew up any gaps at the underarms and you’ll weave the ends in later.

Thank you Suzeeq, I’m not attempting it tonight, but I’ll post on how it goes tomorrow!

Thank you again!