How to knit [back]?

I am knitting a baby cardigan and i have come across this
"k39, slip 51 st to holder, k 73 [back], slip 51 st to holder, k39."

I have knit 39 and put 51 stitches on a holder, i am stuck on K73 [back] and after that. Please help!!!

This sweater is knit all in one piece up to the armholes. The two knit 39 and 51 count stitches will be the left and right fronts of the sweater. The middle 73 stitches are for the back of the sweater. What they want you to do is put the stitches for the two fronts on stitch holders. You will knit the back of the sweater first, then knit each front piece separately.

Some sweaters will be knit in pieces and sewn together. You usually knit the back piece of the sweater first, then the right and left fronts. Buttonholes are placed on one of the two front pieces and a button sewn on the other. From there, the two fronts at the shoulder seams are sewn to the back piece. The side seams are sewn. Then the sleeves are knitted. The sleeve seam is sewn and it is sewn into the armhole. This is the typical construction order for sewing with a sewing machine as well. Some patterns will then have you pick up stitches along the fronts and the neckline to make a band. This will have buttonholes on one front and buttons on the other, or possibly a zipper.

Thank you for the help! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

That indicates that the 73 sts are the back of the sweater.