How to knit an i chord for a hat

How to knit an I-chord for the top of a hat instead of a pompom

If you’re knitting bottom up, when you get to the crown of the hat decrease a bit more. Something like 3-5sts depending on the yarn weight is fine. Transfer the sts to a single needle and begin knitting the i-cord. You can make the i-cord as long as you like. You can even make it long enough to tie a knot in it.

Hello Steve! I plan to make an i-cord pompom for a hat in my queue! I thought that I would make several curly/ spiral icords ( you can jazz it up with different colours!) and then tie the open strands together and sew it onto the crown. All depends on the look you’re going for! I’ve attached a clip on how to make a spiral icord

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I really like the I cord pompom. Sometimes I feel like Im trying to be juvenile (at 73!) Putting a big regular pompom on a hat. But I feel my head needs a little something at the crown. I style my hair for it too.