How to knit a sweater site!

Found this sweater how to, explains how to knit a whole sweater in plain English,step by step.Just thought I’d share :smiley:

I have to add that their software is awesome :thumbsup:

My LYS had a Sweater Wizard demonstration where they teach you how to use all of the features…it’s sooo cool!

Thanks for the tip.I was gonna ask if anyone had used their software! It looks like it would really help in knitting sweaters.I’ts a little spendy though :shock:

can you knit any variation of a sweater with the sweater wizard??

Neato!! :thumbsup:

It has a demo you can try.I’ts on the left down on the bottom of list.

It’s extremely versatile…it generates patterns for all different sizes of sweaters (doll, bear, child, adult) in so many styles, and almost everything is customizable. I am so glad my LYS had the demo, or I wouldn’t have any idea how much it can do.

One of the really cool features is that it lets you know (based on your gauge) how much yarn the sweater will require, so for instance if you have XX yards of yarn and want to make a tank, you can alter the pattern (make it shorter, alter the neckline, etc) until the yarn requirement matches what you have available. :thumbsup:

I downloaded the trial for this one and it’s pretty neat, too. I haven’t made anything yet though.

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