How to knit a sweater in the round?

Okay so I found this pattern I really like but it’s flat way to knit. And, I really want to knit it in the round but I’m not really sure how to chage it cause of the arm holes how do you do that? Also this is my very sweater.

You can cast on the front and back stitches, knit it in the round to the underarms which you bind off and work the front and back flat separately, shaping the armholes just the same as in the pattern. Then do a 3 needle BO for the shoulder seams. For the sleeves you can do them a couple ways - knit in the round to the underarm, BO stitches and work the cap flat just as written and sew into the armhole. Or you can pick up stitches around the armhole, shape the caps with short row shaping and knit down to the wrist with decreases.

Since this is your first sweater, I think one worked top down will be easier, you won’t have to convert anything. Here’s a couple of pattern generators where you put in the gauge you have and finished measurement you need and it gives you a pattern:

Can you provide a link to the pattern? That would help a lot. If not, the name of it and where you found it? Someone might have it.

It’s in this little book from Country Naturally

What is special about it that you like? Personally I’d look for a pattern that is already knit in the round rather than try to change one especially if you’re new to the technique or a new knitter.

Well it’s a simple pattern and easy for me do

Does it have a name? That way we can see if we can find it or a picture and help you out better.

Yes it does it’s called Everybody’s Cowl Sweater

I can’t find it; I saw a lot of books pictured when I googled but I guess you have to buy the book to see the pattern. Have you tried looking at for something similar? Is it done in plain stockinette or garter stitch, does it have cables or other stitch patterns, is it raglan or set in sleeve or something else? When it comes to modifying patterns you really need to either have some experience or be willing to mess up and have to start all over again…maybe both. People can only help if they know what you’re working on.

I couldn’t find it either. If it’s just a plain stitch with a cowl neck, there’s lots of patterns like that, some of them already written for in the round. But you could still try it like I outlined in post 2. The front and back stitches would be worked separately, just as they would be if you were knitting it in pieces. Then after the shoulders are joined, you probably pick up around the neck for the cowl. The sleeves can be done either way I mentioned; there’s a video tutorial for picking up the sleeve stitches and working the short row sleeve cap if you want to do it that way.

The bottom of the sweater is done in Irish Moss stitch so is the cowl and the sleeves and the body is done in stockinette stitch but the picture its garter stitch

The bottom and the cowl and the sleeves are done in Irish Moss stitch the sweater is gone in stockinette

When you knit every row in flat knitting, it makes garter stitch, but when you knit in the round, knitting every round makes stockinette stitch.

Whops got those two mixed up so thats mean I can knit the sweater on circular needles just not joing it or do I join it. Man knitting a sweater with a easy pattern its a little over whelming

I’m still not sure at all what you’re knitting. You asked about knitting in the round. If you are knitting in the round, you will join your stitches. This works for a pullover. If it’s not a pullover then knitting in the round won’t work. Check the video link I included to know what I’m talking about when I say knitting in the round just so we can see if we’re even talking about the same thing, OK?

The pattern may be easy, I don’t know, but when you start doing it other than as written it gets complicated. Maybe for your first sweater it would be a good idea to use a pattern you can use as written, either to not modify the one you have or find another that fits the way you want to do it.

If you join the stitches you would be knitting in the round. If you need garter stitch in the round you alternate a knit round with a purl round.

It’s a flat pattern but I want to change it to round but I’m not really sure how to put arm wholes in the around.

Okay here’s the patter that I’m gonna be working with's+cowl+sweater&output=html_text

So is any way I can alternate this pattern into the round to me it would seem alot easy to do it that way. Can anyone help me please

Here’s a link to the pattern.
If you want to knit this pullover in the round, you’ll join the stitches to knit in the round. Cast on twice the number of stitches given for the back for your size, follow the directions for the Moss stitch [U]in the round[/U] and then change to knit every round (stockinette stitch). The yarn tail will mark the beginning of the round. When the knitting measures 17.5" (for the smallest size) you’re at the armhole. You could bind off 2sts at the beginning of the round and then two sts halfway around for the armhole. For the smallest size that means bind off 2sts, knit 76sts (counting the one stitch left after the bind off), bind off 2sts and then knit 76sts and you should be at the end of the round. From here on, you have to knit back and forth on the back, finish it, then knit back and forth on the front (knit one row, purl one row for stockinette). You can continue with the circular needles, you’ll just be knitting back and forth. You can put the sts for the front on another circular or on a stitch holder or on some waste yarn while you knit the back. The only other change you have to make is to account for the stitches you bound off when you come to the end and bind off for the shoulders.
Good luck with the sweater. First time is always an adventure.

I don’t see a BO 2 sts at the armholes for this pattern, it looks like a plain drop shoulder with no shaping though. That makes it even easier to do the sleeves - just pick up the stitches around the armholes and work down to the cuff, no shaping at all.