How to knit a sock using a chart

im knitting a sock and it says to follow the chart which should be repeated 7 times in one round. normally when i knit using a chart you start from the right to left in knit and then the next row goes from left to right in purl but i dont understand how to do it when making the sock. Also, whats the best way to carry on different coloured wool as two colours are needed throughout.
pls help

With that chart, you just repeat it all around, no turning, so when you get finished with one round, go back and work the next round from right to left again.

As for carrying the wools, Amy has a video here on KH (in the ‘Advanced Techniques’ section) that demonstrates very clearly, a few different ways to carry the wool. I carry both colors in my left hand, but you might pick a different way, whatever works for you.

I had the same questions when I started knitting socks with charts too…your right when you knit flat with a chart you read right to left…then left to right…but since you are in the round this eliminates the need to read from left to right…

Just read every chart rnd from right to left…:thumbsup:

When knitting with 2 colors you need to carry the yarn [U]very[/U] loosely or when you go to try on your sock it will be to tight…You can see Amy’s video on how to knit with 2 colors on thispage…if you read the additional note she has she says “Additional note for this video: if you’re making socks, your knitting will need to stretch to fit over the heel when you put them on. Anytime you need the knitting to stretch like this, be sure to [I]do your stranding extra loosely[/I]; ie. don’t “give it a little tug” as I say I like to do generally.”

I really hadn’t made anything with much color work before I decided to make these socks…It took some time to get comfy with carrying both yarns but once you find the right method for you shouldn’t have any problems :thumbsup: