How To Knit a Slouch Hat

Hi Everyone,

New to this forum…can anyone please help me with this pattern.
I’m a new knitter (and LOVE it) but have tried this pattern and have ripped it out 3 times!!


PS> If anyone has an easy slouchy hat pattern I’d really appreciate it.

That kind of yarn is hard to knit with IMO no matter what pattern you are doing. Here’s some links to other patterns if you want to have a look. Some of them may be done in the round though.

Thank you for your help. I will check that site.

I agree with Jan that is a difficult yarn to knit with.

Here’s the Star Crossed Slouchy beret I knit a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is so well written. It was my 1st cable project and I loved it so much I made 2 in 1 weekend. (1 for me and 1 for DD, in pic).

If you’re not on Rav, I will be happy to post a pic and send you the link to the pattern.

I’ve just downloaded that pattern. It has scared me to think of making a cable stitch since I’m so new to knitting.

Thank you for sending the link.


Cable sts aren’t hard, you just knit some of them out of order on one row in 6 or 8. The rest of it is similar to ribbing.