How to knit a sleeve instructions confusing me

Please can anyone help me with the attached instructions for the sleeves

… I am a new knitter and am a little confused, have knitted both fronts and back but this has me stumped.

Do I increase one stitch each end of the purl row then again on the 8th row until I have 23 stitches on my needles?

It always seems easier to me to increase on the knit rows but if you don’t mind increasing on a purl row, then go ahead. Otherwise, work a purl row to get to the next knit row.
Yes, it’s increase at each end of the next row, call it row 1 and then on rows 9,17,25, 33 etc until you get to the given stitch number.

I agree with @salmonmac i prefer to do my increases on the knit rows

Thank you… I called my mum in the end and she said on the knit row too… so I am trying that know. Thank you all for your help.