How to knit a scarf?


I would like to make a scarf/muffler as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. This will be my first time knitting. Is there any instructions on making men’s muffler? I have been searching on the internet but most of them are women’s scarves. Patterns would be helpful too.

Will two-month be sufficient to make it? I am thinking of making a medium-length muffler.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile: has some good-looking scarves for men in their free section. and knittingpatterncentral have lots of choices.

Sometimes a man’s scarf is more about the yarn. The same scarf pattern done in fluffy pink angora or heavy brown tweed will looking completely different.


I agree with cam its not the pattern but the yarn you choose.
Good luck with your first project you will be fine…If you get stuck just use this site there are lots of people willing to help.

I agree too, it’s all about color and yarn. You’re a smart one to get started early. Once you get your pattern choice, yarn, and get started you’ll have a better idea of how long it will take. What a wonderful present. Have fun!

Thank you! I am going to the mall to buy for the yarn and stuff.

If I just know the basic of casting-on, knitting and binding off, will that be sufficient knowledge to make a muffler?

Absolutely. Not only is it great practice, it’s peaceful, and a joy to be using your hands to create something warm made with love. I think every stitch is a prayer woven together like the tapestry of our lives. You’ll make some mistakes along the way but you’ll learn from them. Your scarf is gonna be great! :smiley: